About Paul

South Jersey native and grandfather of ten, Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr. is a

singer/songwriter, screenwriter, author, and glass jewelry artisan who

lives in Malaga (Franklin Twp., Gloucester County) with his wife, Cookie. 

Nominated for 4 Grammys in 2008, and seven more in 2009, Pedersen's

recent CD's include "Endlessly", "Agua Noir",  "Manhattan Grits",

and, most recently (2014), "Lines On The Pines", a cd of 13 songs that

is entirely about the Pine Barrens of South Jersey.  Many of the over

1200 songs composed by Pedersen have charted nationally & internationally, and have been featured in two films; "Breathless",

and  "The Demented", and on FXX's TV series  "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia".

Paul and his song "The Pine Barrens Blues" was featured on the hit  CNN series, "Anthony Bourdain-Parts Unknown" in May, 2015. Paul has been writing songs since the age of 3, and continues to do so. Also, he has

been playing the drums since age 12, the guitar since age 14, and

continues to do so as well.  He played drums for "The Hall Of fame Show" out of Nashville for 5 years in the 90's, and does drum and guitar studio work as well.

He is the author of two published books. "Required Restroom  Readings",

a self-published collection of short stories & Haiku, was published in

  1. 2009.His most recent book, "The Legendary Pine Barrens- New Tales

From Old Haunts", was published in 2013 by Plexus Publising of Medford

NJ. Pedersen is currently continuing his regional book tour and signings

for "The Legendary Pine Barrens", which includes the performance of f

our original Pine Barrens songs and a hour-long storytelling session.

Pedersen was a reporter/photographer for The Weekly Retrospect, The

Hammonton Gazette, and the Vineland Daily Journal.  He has written

several screenplays, and does voice-overs for a production company in Florida. Paul is the "official voice" of Maines Truck Driving School in NY.

Pedersen's line of jewelry, know as "Pine Barrens Diamonds", is available

at some 15 retail shops throughout south and central Jersey, including

all three Noyes Museum outlets, Wheaton Glass, Batsto Village, Historic Smithville, and other locations in & around the Jersey Shore, as far north

as Pt. Pleasant Beach. The jewelry is fashioned from discarded glass chunks Pedersen unearths at the ruins of several old glassworks (circa

18th & 19th century) sites in the Pine Barrens. The exploration of, and digging for the glass by Paul was featured in a segment of the soon to

be released David  Kessler film, "The Pine Barrens". Paul is currently working on his third book, a new collection of South Jersey stories

"that'll scare the bejeesus outta ya!"